My Wedding at The Hamilton!

I had my wedding in The Hamilton last year, my wife and I were delighted by the service the venue offered. From the beginning, they gave me an extensive information packet with a list of approved caterers and preferred DJs, that alone saved me the time of searching for the right contractors.

We signed the contract in 2015 (turned into a nightmare down the road thanks to this debt collection agency–a story for another time), the owner sat down with us and explained everything. The owner gave us all of the attention and walked us through each little detail. From tables and chairs to food and drink.

He even personally recommended a talented photographer that he know and trust.

Two weeks before the wedding, we realized that we will have more guests. The owner was understanding, and offered more tables and chairs at a discounted price, at this moment I knew that my wedding will be a blast!

At the day of the wedding, the bar offered a balance of wine, beer, and spirits. There were six different brands of beer, so we did not have to worry about what our guests prefer, they would find whatever they like.

The dance floor was stylish and well prepared. We danced our butts off, and the guests congratulated us with a special group dance, I was surprised the dance floor did not wreck because of all that pounding.

The DJ was blasting the bass, we could hardly hear each other speak, but it did not matter because everybody was shaking it so hard. The owners were very accommodating, and the kitchen was working at full capacity, providing us with delicious food to power our masterful performances on the dance floor.

I am sure The Hamilton hosted many weddings before. The level of professionalism and experience of the proprietor clearly demonstrate that he did host many weddings in his day.

The Hamilton was beautiful that night. The hospitality and service I received were worth each and every penny I paid, not to mention the cleanliness of the venue ensured by their staff. If you want to get the big bang for your buck, then this venue is the right fit for you.

When I think about it now, I conclude that the gorgeous outer appearance and ample parking space are just the icing on the cake if I compare it to the experience I had with my wife and our families. The level of hospitality, the warmth, even the guests of the establishment.

Every little detail was in sync for the maximum pleasurable wedding; it truly was a night of a lifetime.

Without choosing The Hamilton for my wedding, I do not think any place else would have met this level of elegance and sophistication.

My wife and I agreed on that.

We are grateful for making the right decision; I think our guests were happy as we are. I guess you could say there were minor issues down the road; every wedding has them, but the overall experience was extra amazing.

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